FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions and answers. Do you have a question not answered here? Give us a call or send an email through our CONTACT PAGE and we will get back to you right away!

Q: How much does The Dueling Piano Show cost?

A: Our fees have many considerations based on the details of your event including location, event type, audience size, production requirements and day/date. We offer ‘all-in’ as well as detailed fee options to all of our valued clients based on these criteria. Please CONTACT US or go to our BOOKINGS page for an exact quote.

Q: Do you bring the piano’s or do I need to supply them?

A: YES! We maintain 2 complete touring convoys located in Edmonton, AB (Canada), Las Vegas, NV (USA) each carries two beautiful baby grand piano instruments, full sound & light production and transport. Depending on the location of your event (and our tour) we will determine the viability for us to provide everything that is required or alternatively use one of our many production partners who professionally supply staging for The Dueling Pianos Show from major centers & cities.

Q: We are on the other side of the country/province/state, can we have The Dueling Piano Show at our event?

A: YES! We travel domestically and internationally year-round to perform at events, parties, conferences & celebrations of all types and size – in any location!

Q: How long is the show?

A: We are happy to completely customize our performance time(s) to fit any schedule.

Q: Can our guests bring camera’s and take pictures during the show?

A: OF COURSE! We encourage our audience to literally ‘become part of the show’ – take pictures, sing-along, dance, clap, whatever! We love to see the hilarious photo’s posted on social media – as long as we can share them!

Q: Do you have marketing materials to help us promote the show?

A: YES! We have a dedicated full-time graphic designer and gladly will provide layouts for posters, tickets, flyers – even TV or radio ads!

Q: What do I need to do to book The Dueling Piano Show for my event?

A: Once we have discussed your event and you would like to confirm the show we will issue a contract describing all of the details. With a signed agreement the performance is 100% confirmed and in our schedule. Go to our BOOKINGS page and we’ll get everything started!

Q: Are Shane & Jenesse married?

A: YES…But not to each other! They are both internationally renowned entertainers who formed an amazing partnership to bring The Dueling Pianos Show to events around the world, although when you see them banter back and forth it sure seems like it sometimes – they are hilarious when it really gets going!

Q: I’ve never actually seen The Dueling Piano Show, only heard great things. What is it really all about?

A: We’re always happy to hear this one! For the best impression go to our HOME PAGE and watch the video at the bottom or to THE SHOW page for descriptions. If you need any more information or have any questions not answered here please CONTACT US anytime!